It’s not too late to update your property photos if they are not helping you sell or rent your property. Just because they are all uploaded doesn’t mean you can’t change them. In fact, refreshing those images might just make the difference between selling or not selling, renting or not renting.

They say a picture paints a thousand words. If that’s the case, what words do you want to your images to say? Are your images saying the right thing? If your property hasn’t sold, or been rented then it’s possible that your images are saying things like ‘dark’, ‘dirty’, ‘small’, ‘dated’, when in fact they could be saying ‘bright’, ‘airy’, ‘contemporary’, ‘smart’, ‘desirable’, ‘sizeable’, ‘buy me’, ‘rent me’!

If you think your images aren’t up to scratch, contact us. We’d like to help.