Since the creation of digital cameras, many estate agencies have stopped using professional photographers and now ask their own agents to take some photos while doing the valuation. As a result, for many agents, the quality of photos on their books is not as high as it should be, considering the value of the asset. You only have to look though one of the online property companies (e.g. Rightmove, Zoolpla etc.) to see how much the quality of photography varies from one agent to another. Admittedly, for some properties, it may not make much difference, particularly those that need a lot of work before they can be habitable. But for larger properties and more valuable properties, quality photography will totally enhance the offer, and, as people generally look online first, it’s the pictures that ‘sell’ the sizzle and get potential buyers choosing to view. Poor pictures may result in a property being overlooked. Don’t be that agent!

What does a professional photographer do differently? Good question. Firstly, just having a professional photographer turn up immediately shows that your agency cares about the quality of their work. The seller will be impressed with the time and effort that a photographer takes to portray their property in its best light. When the photographer arrives, they will look round each room to see if everything is in the best place. It may mean some or all of the following; removing some items, tidying up wires, removing family photos, adding lifestyle items, rearranging furniture, straightening curtains etc. etc.) Then the photographer will choose the best angle to take the photograph from. He or she will look at the lighting to see if it’s best to add lighting or rely on natural light. Then the photographer will make sure everything is level and that the right amount of the room is in the picture. The photographer may take several pictures at once (to merge later), or may take pictures from different angles. He or she will move around the house, doing the same activity in each room, each time, making sure that the room is going to look its best, its most appealing for a potential buyer.

Externally, the photographer will look at all the angles, and other external features which may enhance the picture further. Once again, this may mean removing items like bins, pet-related items, garden tools, etc.

Once the photos have been completed, the photographer will then spend hours editing them to bring out the best in the property. This may mean merging pictures to get a wider range of tones. Some photos may need to have items removed that were not obvious during the shoot, or that could not be physically removed. The photos may need to be cropped, shadows lowered, highlights edited etc etc. Then the photos will need to be compared to each other so they have a consistent look. Then they will need to be exported and sized correctly for use online. Eventually the photos will be ready to be used.

It’s actually quite a lot of work. But it’s worth it. Anything less, is underselling the property and the seller (your client).

And when you look at our rates, you’ll see that it’s great value. Contact Property Image Services today and start improving the quality of your pictures – and sell more properties.