Are you thinking of renting out part or all of your property using AirBnB? If so, take a look at the AirBnB site… try typing in your area and looking at the properties that come up. Then ask yourself why some look so much nicer than others. It’s nearly always because of the photography.

When we take professional photos of your property we look at how it is presented (and adjust if necessary), then we take several photos from the same position (using a good quality camera and lens) in order to make sure we get the lighting right in all areas. Then we edit the photos to bring out the highlights and shadows. We check that the colour balance looks natural – as your eye sees it. Then we stand back and make sure they look fantastic. Then we send them to you, for your approval.

Once you’ve added the photos to your AirBnB listing you should see the difference between your professional-looking property and those where the owners have skimped and tried to photograph it themselves. When you think of the rental income you can generate, the cost of the photography is relatively small. Don’t miss out!