As we emerge from 2020 which turned out to be a difficult year for everyone, it’s not yet apparent if 2021 is going to be much better. We are currently still in lockdown, as vaccinations are being rolled out across the country and to the most vulnerable first. However, the property business is still open. So houses are still being marketed, viewed and sold, although the progression of property purchases does seem to be taking longer because of the pressures on those involved in conveyancing, surveys, searches etc. The stamp duty holiday on properties under £500,000 introduced in July 2020 is due to end at the end of March. this has definitely helped to fuel demand for properties, but the reintroduction may cause the property market to slow down again from April if the holiday is not extended.

Normally this time of year would normally be fairly quiet for property photography, but this year it has definitely been busier. The weather, short days and lack of colour in gardens makes it quite tricky to get the photos looking as good as those taken during the spring and summer months but here at Property Image Services, we still do our best to brighten up the images to make your property look as good as possible (even though it might be cold, dark and wet when we take the photos!)

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. This quieter time of year is a good time to review your property images and refresh them if things have changed. Sometimes a new angle or a picture showing some newly completed refurbishment is just the ticket to spark fresh interest in a property. Or maybe take advantage of our new ‘virtual staging‘ service. (Click on the link for more details).

We hope that 2021 is an improvement on last year – and that life begins to return to some form of normality by the summer. Good luck everyone – and stay safe.