If you are lucky enough to own a property that you can rent out for holidays, you’ll know that it’s important to people that a place that they are going to invest in for their hard-earned break must be as nice as possible – and fit their criteria. So the photography must really show off your property to its full effect. It’s definitely worth investing in good quality professional images – as it’s often just these images that the potential holiday home renter has to work with. In fact, a potential renter might not even stop to read the description if the images are unappealing.

So – we would suggest taking a look at holiday rental websites and look at the properties on there. Which ones appeal to you? And why? Are they nicely furnished? Do they look clean and inviting? Are there ‘nice touches’? The decision to rent a holiday property is made up of a number of factors. The first is usually location, then any number of other factors e.g. size (number of bedrooms etc), facilities, (garden, washing machine, hot tub etc), pet-friendly (if you want to take a pet), child-friendly (if you have children), the decor, the price etc etc. Some of these factors will be in the description – but you’ve got to get people to read the description! And that means good photos!

Inviting photos will bring people to your listing. If the photos are good, they will want to know more. Is it big enough? Does it have the right facilities etc.?

Holiday property photography is slightly different to regular estate agent photography. Yes, we need to show the outside and the garden. But most importantly, we need to show off the interior. We need to demonstrate the ‘nice touches’, the furnishing, the decor. We need to capture how the house, cottage or apartment will feel to someone staying there. We need to capture the luxury, the homeliness, the cleanliness, the modernity or whatever it is that makes your holiday property the one that the prospect will want to rent. So we’ll do all the usual photos. But we’ll also try to capture some of the detail too. It’s often these little touches which can swing a rental. So you’ll make more money. Good photography is a necessary and valuable investment. Contact us at Property Image Services for a chat.