Property photography is quite technical. Firstly, the photographer needs to choose the best angle to take the picture from. For interiors, this is often from one corner of the room, in order to get as much into the picture as possible. Often, the best angle is from the doorway, as this is how the room is seen as someone walks into it. But, on the day, it’s the photographer who should gauge which angle is best. We often take several pictures of each room, so we can see how they look once edited, and also we can offer our client a choice.

Once the position has been chosen, and having made a quick check around the room to make sure we’re happy with what’s going to be included in the picture, the image is taken. We always use a tripod, and set the height to a suitable height. We take several exposures which can be merged when editing. Then we move on to the next room.

Once all the images have been taken we return to the office and copy the files to the computer. Then we edit them. This will involve merging the files and cropping if necessary. We look at how well the room is lit and adjust the values accordingly. We’ll often edit out wires or other small items which may distract the viewer. We’ll straighten the image and make sure the verticals are correct.

Once we’re happy, we’ll export and resize if necessary. We’ve added some images below so you can see how the edited version compares to one of the original images.