Just as things were beginning to ease up, we’re back in lockdown again. That does not mean that the property market has stopped though. In fact, it’s a good time time to review and refresh. People who are interested in moving or renting have more time to browse the market – and dream of things they will do when they are free again. If your property photos are looking a bit tired, or if you haven’t had much response in relation to your property/ies, now is a good time to do something about it.

Get some different angles, some brighter shots, some detail shots, some dusk shots. Or just a new set of photos to reflect the recent work you’ve done, or new furniture at the property.

Think about the value of this property. And then think about the cost of getting it photographed properly. It’s a tiny cost in comparison – and can make a huge difference.

At Property Image Services, we work with estate agents, property developers, private holiday home owners etc., and, as marketers ourselves, we understand how to maximise the appeal of your property with good photography.

Contact us now for a no-obligation quote. (We’re nice people!)