We offer property tour videos. These can be a simple video slideshow of photos set to music – with captions if required, or maybe the agent or owner saying a few words at the beginning, or moving film of the interior and exterior of your property using the camera on a tripod and a 3-axis gimbal (as in the picture, which allows us to film smooth footage around the property) ) or it could a mixture of aerial footage from our drone plus video footage using the tripod and gimbal – or any combination of the above.

Video – as we all know – is a hugely attractive medium. When looking online, people are naturally drawn to dynamic moving images. So video walk-throughs or tours of your property can be an extremely powerful marketing tool for estate agents, property developers, builders, holiday home owners etc. Video can add drama, and a sense of flow around the property that still images cannot fully convey. It allows people to experience more fully what your property has to offer, and therefore to really appreciate the features and benefits of your property compared to someone else’s. By investing in video, it shows you care about your property and want others to understand what exactly your property offers. We highly recommend video as a marketing tool.

For buyers or renters outside the area, video allows them to experience your property. If they like what they see, then it makes it more worthwhile making the trip to view. It also means that they are much further along the road to committing.

Using video also says something about your company. It shows that your are embracing digital medium, that you recognise  the changing nature of the property market, that you care that your potential buyers or renters are fully informed. Other agents and companies are waking up to the idea of using video. Don’t get left behind.

We would suggest that video property tours aren’t going to be suitable for all properties. But for larger properties, or properties with extra features like swimming pools, amazing views, beautiful settings, interesting architecture etc, and properties with land etc, having a video made, alongside high quality still images, can give you the edge over other sellers and renters.

Before we specialised in property, we’ve spent our entire careers in marketing, so we understand the need to create imagery that will appeal to your prospects. It’s that knowledge that helps us identify ‘the money shot’ and really sell your property. Every project is different, so pricing will vary according to your requirements and the extent of the project. For some larger projects we’ve spent all day at the property with a crew of 3 or 4 people, followed by a week of editing which could cost over £1500, or the parameters of the project may be smaller and so require less time and therefore the cost will be will be much less. Recently, we’ve done several property videos for 3 or 4 bed houses for around £200. If we’ve already been commissioned to take the stills, turning these into a video can be done for as little as £100.

For agents and developers etc. we can also offer videos that promote your company and ethos. We can film happy customer testimonials. We can film information videos – e.g. the buying process, the selling process etc. We can help with the writing, the casting, the filming (obviously) and how to use these videos as promotional tools.

To discuss your ideas and/or requirements please contact us for a non-obligation discussion and quote. It may cost a lot less than you think,  and the benefits could be much greater than you may imagine.