We’re all agreed that great photos will help you to sell or rent your property.

But to show off your property to its best, a certain amount of preparation is required before the photographer arrives.

Start by looking around your property and seeing it as a prospective buyer or renter would see it. Imagine you are thinking about buying or renting your property. What would put you off? If it would put you off, it will almost certainly put off a prospect. Do this in each room.

There are a number of general things that you’ll need to do. You already know what they are. Yes, cleaning, polishing, washing up, decluttering, removing personal items, hiding anything pet-related and so on. We’ve got lots of advice on this site about things you can (and should) do before the photographer arrives.

What happens if you don’t? We’ll do our best, but frankly, we can only photograph what’s in front of us. If there are patches  on the wall that need re-painting, then repaint them! (Before we arrive). If the grass needs cutting, and edges need weeding, or rooms need tidying, or doors need re-attaching, or sheds need painting etc. Do it! (Before we arrive).

Several customers say ‘but you can fix it in Photoshop, can’t you?’ Maybe we can, but in lots of cases it would be misrepresenting the property (which is something we’d rather not do).

Recently we had a couple of examples where in one case the property had been cleaned and prepared before we arrived so it was a real pleasure to photograph – and the images look amazing. A few days later we photographed a property to rent, where no preparation had been done. The floors were dirty, clothes everywhere, cigarette butts lying in the corner of the room, washing up piled up in the kitchen, grass 3 foot high, etc. etc. Rather than walk away and having to come back another day (which is probably what we should have done) we did the best we could, but the photos were never going to be brilliant. In short, the property was not ready to be photographed.

So, once you’ve dusted, tidied up, decluttered etc etc and the property is looking its best, then think about how it could be enhanced further… maybe some flowers? Or pot plants on the patio. Maybe some fresh fruit in the kitchen? Or some small trees either side of the front door? Or a bottle of wine and glasses for the patio table? Look through magazines and see how they present rooms. It’s not difficult to do the same. A little thought and preparation goes a long way. It makes our job easier, makes your property look great in the photographs, is more likely to get your property sold or rented. Everybody wins!